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Tiffanie and Tanya articleTestimonial from AJ Kandy

 » My former partner and I initially tried selling our condo, a 1400-sq-foot unit in the Biscuiterie Viau project, using DuProprio. First of all, DuProprio itself doesn’t do a lot of outreach to get qualified buyers; what they really do is take good quality photos of your unit, and provide an online listing and visitor tracking statistics.

In order to even get a significant number of people to the listing, we had to place Craigslist and Facebook ads on our own, including paid Facebook placement to targeted demographics. Managing this was a lot of work – on top of fielding calls and requests to visits, keeping the house in show-worthy state, and so on.

Our experience was that 50% of the people who contacted us flaked out on visits, and those that did come seemed content to just look – most were unqualified buyers who weren’t even approved for a mortgage yet.

We had dozens of visits over some weeks, but received zero offers; out of desperation we started cutting the price every week, until it reached a point where if we actually had sold, we would have lost money.

When Tanya and Tiffanie approached us, we were willing to try something new, and their approach was transparent, enthusiastic and honest, not to mention their commission rate was more than fair. They restored the listing to our original asking price, and set an open house; literally, we got an offer for the full price on the same day. We were both stunned and incredibly happy that we got such a positive outcome so quickly.

Serious buyers still prefer to work with an agent, and good agents really work on behalf of their clients, sticking to their guns to get a fair market price for their property.

DuProprio and similar services might work better for experienced real-estate investors who aren’t afraid of handling the paperwork and negotiation themselves in order to snap up a deal, but it’s not always a great experience for the average homeowner.

Epilogue: A colleague of ours was moving to Toronto and needed to sell his family’s semidetached house in the Plateau. He mentioned he was contemplating the DuProprio route but I recommended he try Tanya and Tiffanie. As soon as the listing was up, a client of theirs fell in love with the place and bought it on the spot at the full asking price of $849,000. I cannot imagine that they could have achieved their selling price on their own, nor could they have sold it so quickly and painlessly, without Tanya and Tiffanie’s help.

– AJ Kandy  »

Testimonial from Yvon Tardif and Nadine Leblanc

Because of a job opportunity, we needed to sell quickly and after a few months with Duproprio, nothing was happening and we had no time to promote our property ourselves. When Tiffanie and Tania approached us , we gave it a go and they managed to sell within two months which was fantastic. They are very professional and they took care of everything.
Nadine and Yvon

Testimonial from Vera Roy:
We had listed the condo on DuProprio and it sat there for about 6 months, with some visitors but not a single bite. It was a beautiful, very large 2-storey condo, but none of the visitors seemed really interested or motivated, no matter how much work we put into staging the place and showing them around. It was very frustrating. Then we got Tiffanie and Tanya on board, and amazingly, they sold it within one week, at full asking price, just like that. They’re friendly, personable and totally dependable — not to mention flexible with their commission and super helpful throughout the entire process. Selling is a stressful task, but they made it a lot easier.

Testimonial from Grish and Karine

« Karine and I enjoyed very much working with your team.
We met other agents that wanted to sell our condo, but when we met you and Tanya we felt confident and comfortable making a deal with you.
There were so many good things about working with you. The contract you made with us was very fair, we felt treated like valued clients. It was a pleasure communicating with you because of your good cheer, but more importantly, because we knew that we could always count on you. Even when we were closing the deal with buyers of our own, you made yourselves available to help us when we got confused by the paperwork.
We definitely recommend anyone that is looking to sell their place to work with you.

– Grish «